My Story

 If you don't already know me, I'm Heather Evans.  I have two small children, Madelyn and Preston.  I was introduced to Scentsy by my sister-in-law Maureen.  Jacob and I were hooked at first smell!  We would invite Maureen to our house for the weekend with the condition that she bring her basket of Scentsy product for us to pilliage.  After a couple of friends asked if I sold it, I thought, no... but why not?  I love this product!   I now have a team of wonderful ladies under me that I mentor and encourge in thier new business.  This little hobby of mine has turned into something I never expected.  I always tell my Director, could you imagine what it would be like if I really "worked" this business?!?!   I can't wait to get you hooked on your own scent or help start your new "hobby"!<!--endbody-->